The Competition

A head-to-head battle between pyrotechnic leaders.  Music and fireworks are synchronized in perfect harmony during the LionFire Festival competition, which features three divisions: Consumer, Club and Professional.  The first half of competitors will launch their displays on Saturday, May 27th with the remaining competitors fighting for the LionFire trophy on Sunday, May 28th.

The competing LionFire pyrotechnic displays will be critiqued on their design, colors, music selection, and synchronization. Our panel of judges, known as THE JURY, will be given voting cards to critique each display. Their ballots will account for 75% of each competitor’s final score. The audience gets the opportunity to rank their favorite displays, which will make up the remaining 25% of the score.

Club Division

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club

Envisioned in 2006 and formed in the summer of 2007, the Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club has earned a reputation as one of the best collections of pyrotechnic enthusiasts in the region. From their humble beginnings as a group of strangers shooting fireworks on a beach, the NLPC has grown into a tight knit group of friends that are bound together by a common interest.  Their mission is to promote the safe and legal use of fireworks by enthusiasts who are passionate about the pyrotechnic arts and help our members take their creative talents to the highest levels possible.

For the past 8 years, the NLPC hosted the Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival, one of the largest fireworks festivals on the East Coast.  The club has also produced displays for the Pyrotechnic Guild International Convention on two separate occasions.  In addition, several of their members have won awards within the hobbyist community for both their manufacturing talents as well as their competition display productions.

Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group

The Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group was founded in 2010 by fireworks professionals and enthusiasts throughout Northeast Ohio and across the entire state.  NEOPG boasts members from several states in the region.  From the beginning, their mission has been to promote the safe, legal, and artful use of pyrotechnics in Ohio and the region, through training, demonstration and the open exchange of information.

NEOPG is recognized throughout the state for their innovative pyrotechnic designs as well as for their first class training regimen and attention to safety.  NEOPG strongly advocates and adheres to all federal, state and local codes, and strives to make each of its members subject matter experts.

Professional Division

In October of 2014, CFI won a 2nd place finish in the “2nd China International Fireworks Festival” – a world-class pyromusical fireworks competition.

Celebration Fireworks

Celebration Fireworks Inc. (CFI) is a professional fireworks display company producing ONLY computer-controlled, choreographed fireworks exhibitions throughout PA and neighboring states since 2001.  Many of their productions are precisely choreographed to a music soundtrack that complements the theme.  Known as “pyromusicals”, these productions evoke tremendous emotion from an audience.  

The founder and president of the Company is Mr. John Kemps.  John received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA degree from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.  He is a member of the APA (American Pyrotechnics Association), the Pyrotechnics Guild International (and PGI certified) and the National Fireworks Association.

Chris Hopkins, CFI’s Creative Director is the creative force behind all of their major productions.  Chris is responsible for all aspects of pyromusical production from music selection and editing to pyro choreography.  He will often lead the CFI team in the field to seamlessly translate design into the physical production.  Chris’ choreography style has been molded by the styles he has studied from major competitions around the world, and then put into practice with CFI since 2008.  Chris received his B. Comm. in Business Administration (Finance) and BA in Asian Studies from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS.

2016 marked CFI's 15th season, and they have designed and produced over 130 exhibitions throughout PA and neighboring states.  With the steady growth of the company, their newly appointed Assistant Manager is Joshua Miller. Josh received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University.

Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts

Founder Tim Jameson formed Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts in the summer of 2013.  Having previously worked for several display companies and grown tired of what appeared to be the typical mindset of only the productions with the largest budgets received the "personal touch", he set out on a mission.  He envisioned building a company which treated every client as if they were the most important client regardless of budget size.  

Having gained crucial experience working with “Team Dominator” on their high end exposition and competition displays, both as a choreographer and field tech, Tim had a solid base which to build on.  During this time, he worked on several award winning displays produced for the Pyrotechnic Guild International Convention and the National Fireworks Convention.

Over the past 4 years, IPC has put together an outstanding staff of the best technicians available, invested into the latest choreography software and digital firing equipment, and developed a solid relationship with the factories in China to import only the highest quality product.  IPC has also shown their innovation by developing specialized testing and racking equipment which enables them to produce high end displays with the utmost efficiency.

Coming off a very successful 2016 season which saw the company once again double their number of clients, as well as having the honor to produce the closing display for Pyromania Events fireworks festival, IPC is excited to continue showing how their talented team can turn any event into an experience!

IPC designed the closing display at the 2016 Pyromania Events Fireworks Festival

Atlas PyroVison was awarded the Gold Jupiter in 2012 for their display during the world renowned ~ L’International Des Feux at Six Flags LaRonde in Montreal, Canada.

Atlas PyroVision

Atlas PyroVision Entertainment has been producing World Class fireworks displays for over 65 years.  As New England’s largest family owned fireworks company, Atlas produces over 700 shows annually including many large venues throughout New England including the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and the Boston Red Sox.  The Atlas company also produces a wide range of special effect programs for concerts, theatre, sporting and corporate events.  Atlas team employs 24 full time staff and has over 600 trained pyrotechnicians throughout the northeast.  Today, the Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group continues to display their talents over the last 32 years under the leadership of owner Stephen Pelkey, CEO and Artistic Director, Matthew Shea, VP and Sr. Designer and Shawn Allison, Master Pyrotechnician.  The keys to Atlas’ success are using the finest products from their valued vendors in China, Spain and the United States combined with breathtaking choreographed performances utilizing the latest in computer technology.

Over the last 25 years, Atlas has successfully competed in pyrotechnic competitions in Virginia Beach, VA - Decazeville, France - Shanghai, China – Manila, Philippines – Pomplona, Spain and Montreal Canada.  In 2012, Atlas PyroVison was awarded the Gold Jupiter for their display during the world renowned ~ L’International Des Feux at Six Flags LaRonde in Montreal, Canada.

Competitor #4

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