Fire Elements

Unique incorporations of fire elements only make sense with a name like LionFire.  Fire breathers, custom art pieces welded by flame, and an epic finale that's gonna be HOT. 

After after Dark

Art after Dark (Louisville, KY) is a troupe of professional performers that have perfected the art of fire dancing.  They share one unique mission; to spread their passion for the art of fire dancing through a truly inspirational and visual experience. These mesmerizing, visual performances will take your breath away.  Get ready for Art after Dark to create an air of excitement with one fire feat after another!

Flameworking Demonstrations

by Original GlassWorx

Dan Sullivan, artist and owner of OriginalGlassWorx, will demonstrate the glass making technique of forming objects from rods and tubes of clear and colored glass at a torch, and talks you through the process. Flameworking Demos are live, narrated demonstrations of glass working at a 5,000°F gas- and oxygen-powered torch.  During each Demo, you’ll see the artist melt the rods and tubes in the flame and then shape the softened glass into any variety of shapes, from intricately designed pendants to beads to ornaments, sculptures, and vessels.

Fire Balls

A massive, rolling ball of pure flame.




More fire elements coming soon - stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates!