Fire Elements

Unique incorporations of fire elements only make sense with a name like LionFire.  Fire breathers, custom art pieces welded by flame, and an epic finale that's gonna be HOT. 

Ohio Burn Unit

Ohio Burn Unit delivers mind blowing, jaw dropping, comedy-packed shows full of entertainment for all ages.  If you haven't yet seen an Ohio Burn Unit show, then you are missing out!  Their team set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most people performing simultaneous full body burns in 2009, and again in 2013.  With multiple performances featuring fire breathers, fire eating, dancers, juggling, and poi, buckle up and get ready for Ohio Burn Unit to give you the third degree!

Blacksmithing Demonstrations

by Curt Bonetti

For over thirty years blacksmithing has been Curt's passion. Steel is so mailable and transformative. With the right amount of heat, pressure and talent amazingly beautiful useful articles are created. Working with steel is very time consuming but worth the work. Just a few of the items he has made include, candle holders, picture frames, coat racks, railings, fire place tools, furniture, trellis, garden tools and hooks.

A long time member of Pittsburgh Artisan Blacksmith Association.  Curt has done numerous educational programs for museums and libraries. He has demonstrated at The Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, Harmony’ German Christmas Market and the Butler Farmshow.