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Event marketing is a great way to advertise and reach customers. “Experiential marketing” drives purchases and consideration across age, gender, and ethnicity. 70% of consumers say that they would be more likely to purchase a product or brand after experiencing it at an event.

BRANDING: If your company is seeking to increase name recognition, introduce a new product or build customer loyalty, LionFire Festival offers unique branding opportunities including display naming rights, on-site promotions, event signage, advertising (radio, newspaper, TV, printed collateral), and social media promotions.

SALES: Are you seeking to increase sales? Consider an on-site Sponsor Booth, coupons, live marketing, gate promotion opportunities, or onsite sampling.

ENHANCE CLIENT AND EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Your sponsorship offers the opportunity for onsite entertainment of special events and guests. In addition, you can involve your employees in LionFire activities and bring them together in a family atmosphere promoting togetherness and company loyalty. LionFire can provide a creative opportunity for entertaining clients and employees with various VIP opportunities.

Variety of Sponsorship Levels
Each sponsorship package has varying degrees of benefits, advertising, and media exposure. Depending upon the sponsorship level, we offer:

  • Presenting Event Sponsorship Designation
  • Naming Rights to Firework Displays or Activities
  • Product Sales
  • Register-to-Win Promotions
  • LionFire Passes
  • VIP Suite Access
  • Radio Advertising Tags
  • Print Advertising
  • Display Ad in the LionFire Event Guide
  • Collateral Mentions (news releases, fliers, etc.)
  • Web Site Feature and Link
  • Couponing
  • Signage and Banners
  • Social Media Promotional Campaigns or Mentions
  • Non-competitive environment

Contact samantha@lionhearteventgroup.com for more information.


In addition to an extensive schedule of live music and fireworks at LionFire, there will be a great variety of unique and interesting goods for sale at several locations throughout the site. LionFire is committed to selecting quality craft and merchandise vendors. The unauthorized sale of merchandise at Cooper's Lake is not permitted, and LionFire is committed to ensuring a successful event for all authorized vendors.

There are several locations throughout the entire site where authorized LionFire vendors will be stationed.

Contact samantha@lionhearteventgroup.com for more information.